Coffee Brewing for Beginners

Grinding coffee isn’t about using any grinder

Using a good filter paper also makes a huge difference!

  • Coffee static in a coffee grinder (coffee grounds get stuck to the plastic container) — take a small spoon, late two drops of water, and run it in the beans holder jar and Magic!
  • My coffee grind size for pour-over is 80% towards medium grind, but a 20% fine grind lean.
  • I prefer a medium roast. I buy Jose’s Vanilla flavored bean
  • Instead of buying a V20 pour-over, I have invested in a more basic pour-over for single cup coffee. I hate using Chemex filter paper for one cup of coffee.
  • Chemex filter paper gives the best-tasting coffee. Sow while we talk about coffee beans, roast, grind sie, equipments, using a good filter paper also makes a huge difference!
  • Take a few mint leaves and drop them into the container while brewing coffee. Thank me later!
  • Using vanilla extract in coffee is NOT equal to using a vanilla flavored creamer. Using the extract will lead to a bitter-tasting coffee, probably because of the spirits used while flavor extraction
  • I LOVE Mocha! I use chocolate syrup only, instead of adding sugar when I am craving some cany coffee along with a dash of 2% milk.
  • Mocha reminds me, my experience with a mocha pot wasn’t very good. I didn’t enjoy drinking even a single cup make using my mocha pot
  • I have a weighing machine, but NEVER in past so many months of having it have I used it for measuring food! So skip it :)




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Akanksha Paliwal

Akanksha Paliwal

Avid Reader | Learner | Marketing & Data Analytics

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