I spent the last few months revisiting topics that I didn’t understand, but was keen on learning. One of them was history. I am listing the main content I consumed to learn more about it.

While looking for content to watch on Netflix, I came across it. It looked like an opportunity to learn. I spent a few days watching that. Followed it up with reading material.

I had come across this book on an airport book store while waiting for my flight to Paris from Zurich. I took a picture and added it to my reading list in Goodreads. I came back and downloaded an e-book to learn all about history and geography. Of course, you can’t talk about history without talking about politics.

I had read this book in 2018 after a dear friend recommended it to me. It gave me a base to understand why wars have happened. There’s a documentary on youtube to watch whenever I feel like revisiting parts of the book.

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