Learning Python at home

  1. I had a support system, in case I wasn’t able to understand or I was unable to find answers/get customized support on the internet with debugging.
  2. I created a trigger to start studying every day. Setting up a workstation, where only my python book was on the table to study left no scope to procrastinate. The routine to sit on the chair after breakfast to read newsletters and then ultimately the book was a game-changer.
  3. I didn’t put stringent deadlines, unrealistic expectations on myself. Even though I did have a comfortable and flexible goal of doing about 20 pages per sitting, rarely was I able to achieve the target due to unaccounted debugging time(that’s unpredictable as a beginner!)
  4. I felt comfortable with having a hardcopy in front of me to underline the shit out of the pages and refer to every time I needed to recall something. As opposed to online classes where everything is virtual.
  5. The reason why I started this book was to build a website to pull data from various sites and build my personal tracker. I am still excited about learning more as I inch closer to that with every piece of code I learned.
  6. I hate doing the exercises at the end of the chapters, but this time, I tried to do most of them to consolidate whatever I had learned.




Avid Reader | Learner | Marketing & Data Analytics

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Akanksha Paliwal

Akanksha Paliwal

Avid Reader | Learner | Marketing & Data Analytics

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